VE Application

IECC 2012 Navigator

A dedicated Navigator for the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) 2012 performance path (Chapter 4).


  • New IECC Navigator & Application
  • New IECC HVAC libraries of HVAC data including:
    • 11 systems, most have 90.1 equivalents
    • 3 new systems – Two and four pipe fan-coils & WSHP
    • HVAC System Guidance for IECC Reference Building
  • New IECC Reference template data
    • Construction performance data
    • Lighting Power Densities by IECC space types
    • IECC lighting controls
  • IECC compliance report with pass/fail criteria – building energy cost must be less than or equal to 85% of the standard reference design building

  • IESVE Software (2018-FP01) provides a performance path for the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) 2012, to complement the existing ASHRAE 90.1 performance options available in IESVE.
  • Software users will benefit from this compliance alternative for commercial buildings in 15+ US States.
  • A dedicated IECC Navigator for the IECC performance path (Chapter 4). Automatic creation of the IECC Reference model - a time-saving feature.
  • Automatic creation of IECC compliance reports.