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Allows you to place light fittings anywhere in a room for subsequent analysis using FlucsPro or RadianceIES.

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Full control over placement

  • Place rectangular arrays
  • Place individual fittings
  • Edit, move or delete fittings individually or in groups
  • Mix different luminaires types in the same room
  • Rotate and point fittings in any direction (plan view and along a beam)
  • Luminaire mounting plane height can be adjusted

Ceiling Grid

  • Easily define a ceiling grid to aid placement
  • Size and origin of grid can be set
  • Automatically place fittings: centre of ceiling tile, intersection of tiles, evenly spaced

Layout Display

  • Light fittings shown within the room in the 3D VE model
  • Beam orientation is shown within the room
  • Mounting plane is displayed

Fittings Database

  • Large database of manufacturers information available
    • Contains 1000’s of fittings from over 40 manufacturers
    • Organised tables of luminaires, lamps and lamp colours
    • Includes polar photometric data
    • Includes curves of lamp-lumen maintenance factor and lamp survival factor against time
    • The following CIBSE calculations can be undertaken and stored against the luminaire: light-output ratios, spacing-to-height ratios, utilisation factors, uncorrected glare indices, aspect factors
    • Simple navigation possible through data and column filters
    • Undertake British Zonal classification and CIBSE Lighting Guide 3 check on the luminaires
    • Data can be edited, copied and deleted (user generated data takes priority over system data)
  • Create your own custom database
    • Import additional manufacturers luminaire data
    • Import photometric data
    • Edit data for an existing luminaire
    • Add data manually
    • User created data takes priority


  • One easy-to-use common tool
  • Simplifies and speeds up data preparation for electric lighting analysis
  • Fast, straightforward luminaire placement and editing within the 3D VE model
  • Management of large manufacturer and custom light fitting databases
  • To prepare detailed electric light fitting data for use in FlucsPro & RadianceIES analyses