Allows you to place light fittings anywhere in a room for subsequent analysis using FlucsPro or RadianceIES.

LightPro is the luminaire placement tool within the VE. Luminaire placements are then assessed for applicability, do they meet required lighting levels, or analysed further in either FlucsDL or RadianceIES. LightPro’s luminaire database consists entirely of energy efficient fixtures allowing sustainability to be at the heart of the lighting design.

  • One easy-to-use common tool
  • Simplifies and speeds up data preparation for electric lighting analysis
  • Fast, straightforward luminaire placement and editing within the VE model
  • Management of large luminaire and custom light fitting databases
  • To prepare detailed electric light fitting data for use in FlucsPro & RadianceIES analyses

Fast and easy placement of luminaires is essential LightPro gives the user full control over placement

  • Place rectangular arrays
  • Place individual fittings
  • Edit, move or delete fittings individually or in groups
  • Mix different luminaires types in the same room
  • Rotate and point fittings in any direction (plan view and along a beam)
  • Luminaire mounting plane height can be adjusted

Luminaire placement needs to follow the reflected ceiling plan, LightPro enables this with an easy to use Ceiling Grid

  • Easily define a ceiling grid to aid placement
  • Size and origin of grid can be set
  • Automatically place fittings: centre of ceiling tile, intersection of tiles, evenly spaced

Visual feedback allows the user to check the luminaire layout 

  • Light fittings shown within the room in the VE model
  • Beam orientation is shown within the room
  • Mounting plane is displayed

Luminaires can be imported via common data formats or by using the embedded fittings database

  • Large database of luminaire information available
  • 736 ROBUS Lighting Fixtures available, 12 Categories, 100% LED Technology
  • Includes polar photometric data
  • Includes curves of lamp-lumen maintenance factor and lamp survival factor against time
  • The following CIBSE calculations can be undertaken and stored against the luminaire: light-output ratios, spacing-to-height ratios, utilisation factors, uncorrected glare indices, aspect factors
  • Simple navigation possible through data and column filters
  • Undertake British Zonal classification and CIBSE Lighting Guide 3 check on the luminaires
  • Data can be edited, copied and deleted (user generated data takes priority over system data)
  • Create your own custom database
  • Import additional manufacturers luminaire data
  • Import photometric data
  • Edit data for an existing luminaire
  • Add data manually
  • User created data takes priority