One Click LCA

Undertake Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Life Cycle Costing (LCC) and more through our partnership with One Click LCA.

Analysing energy and carbon usage during design or operation addresses a large part of the path to decarbonisation, but is isn’t the full picture. Embodied carbon within building materials, and within the construction process tell the entire story. As operational energy is driven lower through energy efficient design the embodied energy in materials becomes an increasingly important area of interest. One Click LCA enables that additional analysis to be undertaken in a streamlined manner.

  • Undertake Life Cycle Costing and Life Cycle Assessment using One Click LCA.
  • Use One CLick LCA to attain BREEAM, LEED and other VERs credits.
  • Connect to the One Cick LCA platform from IESVE using the One Cick LCA Navigator.

Seamless Integration between the IES Virtual Environment and One Click LCA for voluntary rating system assessment the new step-by-step Navigator for One Click LCA within IES Virtual Environment provides seamless automation, making Life Cycle Assessment and Life Cycle Cost analyses easier than ever. Assessments can be done for a range of voluntary rating systems, addressing the main two:

BREEAM Credits

IES and One Click LCA users will be able to achieve over 50 credits for BREEAM UK NC 2018 and multiple credits for additional BREEAM schemes. Users can calculate BREEAM credits across the following categories: Health and Wellbeing (IES), Energy (IES), Materials (One Click LCA), Management (One Click LCA), plus others.

See our BREEAM credits table to see which credits can be achieved.

LEED Credits

IES and One Click LCA users can achieve over 50 credits for LEED v4. Users can calculate LEED credits across the following categories: Location & Transport (IES), Sustainable Sites (IES), Energy & Atmosphere (IES) and Life Cycle Assessment (One Click LCA).

See our LEED credits table to see which credits can be achieved.

Using the One Click LCA Navigator

To calculate Life Cycle Metrics from your IES-VE model you will need:

  • A One Click LCA user account
  • IES-VE version 2017 Feature Pack 4 or higher installed
  • An existing project linked to the user account with a valid One Click LCA license

VE to One Click LCA Script

Automatically submit materials and energy consumption data from a VE model to One Click LCA using our custom built script, which is available for free from the IES Content Store:

Email to request the One CLick LCA Navigator and to obtain the licence required.

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One Click LCA Screenshot
One Click LCA Screenshot
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