VE Application


Dynamic Simulation software tool for UK compliance approved by CLG, SBS and DFPNI.



It is widely accepted both by government and industry experts that SBEM is not always sufficiently sophisticated to provide an accurate assessment of a building’s energy efficiency.  IES’s VE-DSM software is the leading accredited dynamic simulation (DSM) route to UK compliance and is used by most of the UK’s top designers and energy assessors.

Dynamic Simulation for any non-domestic building

You must use DSM instead of the SBEM methodology for complex non-domestic buildings, but it also offers many advantages when used instead of SBEM for even the simplest non-domestic building. 

IES’s software allows users to easily integrate other non-domestic UK compliance calculations along with performance analysis, so you can compare and contrast how meeting compliance criteria and EPC ratings actually affect building performance. We can look at Real and Compliance models using the same tools and once you’ve got a building model created, there’s a lot of value that can be derived from that for the building owner.

IES has also created integrated plug-ins to Google SketchUp™ and Autodesk® Revit®, meaning users can uniquely undertake these compliance calculations directly from a SketchUp or Revit model if desired.

The UK’s top designers choose VE-DSM because it offers the sophistication of DSM and the many advantages associated with using this method instead of SBEM. There is also crossover in terms of the inputs they use in their current designs.

Please note that VE-DSM works in conjunction with CIBSE Weather Files.

Products Available

  • Part L2A (2006)
    • England & Wales – Part L2A (2006)
    • N. Ireland – Part F (2006)
  • Part L2A (2010)
    • England & Wales – Part L2 (2010)
    • N. Ireland – EPCs (2010)
  • Part L2A (2013)
    • England - Part L2A and EPCs (2013)
  • Part L2A (2014)
    • Wales - Part L2A and EPCs (2014)
  • Section 6 (2007 & 2010)
    • Scotland – Section 6 (2007 & 2010)
  • Section 6 (2015)
    • Scotland - Section 6 (2015) and EPCs (2015)
    • Section 63

Training and Accreditation

To become a Level 5 Energy Assessor, IES offers training and accreditation in association with our Accreditation partners: BRE; CIBSE Certification; ecmk Ltd; Elmhurst Energy; NHER; Quidos; Sterling Accreditation and Stroma. For more details click here.


  • England – Part L2A (2013 & 2010 & 2006) and EPCs (2013 & 2010).
  • Wales – Part L2A (2014, 2010 & 2006) and EPCs (2014).
  • N. Ireland – Part F (2006) and EPCs (2010).
  • Scotland – Section 6, EPCs (2015, 2010 & 2007) and Section 63.
  • Free link to VE-SBEM.
  • Import geometry directly from CAD, SketchUp and Revit.
  • Ability to run actual, notional and reference building simulations using Parallel Simulation Manager.