Passivent Airscoop®

Passivent Airscoop® is a range of roof mounted natural ventilation terminals which provide displacement ventilation to large buildings and deep plan spaces.

The integration of Passivent Airscoop® into the VE provides a fast, streamlined and easy-to-use method of simulating the effect of Passivent Airscoop® terminals within your VE building model. 

Passivent Airscoop® Roof Ventilation Terminals are designed to ‘capture’ prevailing wind and direct it via four separate chambers within the terminal to the space beneath. The optimised segmented design delivers maximum airflow capacity with minimal pressure drop through the system and the complete separation of chambers prevents ‘short circuiting’.

A dedicated VE Navigator is used to guide you through the step-by-step process, from importing the products into your model, configuring their operation, preparing, and applying to rooms, thermal simulation and compliance analysis.

User Guide

The Passivent Roof Ventilation Terminals User Guide provides a step-by-step guide for simulating the Passivent Airscoop® terminal units in the VE.

More Information

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