Virtual Environment

Improve the performance of any building

Leading integrated suite for accurate whole building performance simulation

Used by sustainable design experts around the globe IESVE is a fast, accurate, sub-hourly, thermal simulation suite that can model new and existing buildings of any size and complexity. For architects, engineers and contractors, the platform allows cross-team collaboration from concept design to operation. Its power embeds energy and performance assessment across the entire building lifecycle. Integrate Performance Analysis into the heart of the design process.

Energy Modelling & Compliance

Integrated suite of applications for accurate, sub hourly, thermal simulation for buildings of any size and complexity.

Building & Systems Design

Quick and easy loads calculations and equipment sizing from the earliest stages of design.

Modelling & BIM Interoperability

Interoperability with BIM platforms enabling two-way information exchange to speed up the design process and facilitate digital design.


Browse through the capabilities of IESVE and choose from multiple integrated Applications and Navigators designed to meet any of your project requirements. Mix and match to create your perfect analysis suite. When you've made your selection, just send us your request and we'll build you a customized quote.


Integrating Performance Analysis into the heart of the design process, IES offers an unrivalled interoperability with other CAD design and analysis tools. The smooth and robust two-way information exchange between IESVE and BIM platforms speeds up the design process and facilitates digital design. 

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Digital Design & Operation

Building Performance needs to be at the core of a Digital Design and Operation approach. The IESVE software provides a single platform that can model, predict and verify performance continuously throughout a buildings life cycle.

What Our Customers Say

The IESVE package is versatile, highly accurate and very user friendly. I would strongly recommend IESVE, particularly for indoor studies, as the program offers far greater precision than other software tools.

Samia Mhenni
British University in Dubai

We have found IESVE to be one of the most advanced simulation software platforms. It can predict accurate results from simulations taking various factors into consideration in each time step. We would absolutely recommend using IESVE.

Rehana Jiffrey
Taka Solutions

Using IESVE we could be confident that it would produce the accurate results required. The functions in IESVE in terms of image recovery and all the control systems were very flexible so we could really simulate what was actually happening on site.

Hassan Younes
Griffin Project Development Consultants

IES has the best overall balance in terms of modelling details, ease of use and stability. In short, it allowed complicated issues to be studied quickly to give the best solution for our clients.

CK Tang
Veritas Environment Sdn Bhd

What’s great about the IESVE is the amount of control it gives you when designing/ modelling HVAC systems, it offers a huge variety of different controls and different prototypes that you can modify to match the design. Also, we believe in the heat-balance calculation method for system sizing that the software uses, we believe it’s more dynamic than any other calculation methods.

Farah Ghanem
Energy Specialist & AILA Innovation Officer, Alpin Limited

We are also impressed with the user-friendliness of the user interface, plus, we’ve had a really good experience with IES customer support, and the training we’ve received. We have a lot of confidence in using the software.

Farah Ghanem
Energy Specialist & AILA Innovation Officer, Alpin Limited

Manufacturing Tools

We've worked with these high-profile manufacturers to incorporate their products into our software so you can now apply them directly to your model and evaluate the impact they will have on the performance of your building.