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Installation and Licensing of iCD

How to access iCD once installed

Launch SketchUp and iCD will be available as an extension. The iCD toolbar has several buttons grouped together for the different functions needed to analyse your site. Alternatively, you will find the IES iCD options under the Extensions menu.

Instructions to log into iCD

When iCD is launched for the first time, the toolbar will be grey and inactive as long as the user’s license has not been validated. The only available icons when the user is not yet logged in are the My IES Account icon and the Help icon.

In order to login the user needs to:

1.  Click My IES account icon. This opens the My IES Account dialog.

2.  Click the “Login” button at the bottom of the dialog

3.    The user is then navigated to the IES sign in page and needs to:

a.    Enter the email address linked to their IES account
b.    Create their password
c.    Click “Sign in”

4.    Once the credential has been validated, the user is navigated to a confirmation page. This can then be closed to return to SketchUp and iCD. The My IES Account dialog now displays the user’s license information, and the iCD plugin is available to use.

iCD System Requirements

64-bit Windows 10 or later is required, as is SketchUp 2020 - 2023. The latest version is recommended.

Internet Explorer 9 or higher is required. Internet Explorer 11 is recommended.