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How to activate an iSCAN licence using an Activation Code

iSCAN is a web-based tool used to optimise building performance at an individual level or across a portfolio.

iSCAN can also interact directly with a desktop installation of Virtual Environment (VE), to access the extra functionality in VE to allow you to sync a model, to download FFD and APM files or export results variables directly from VistaPro to iSCAN. You will need an Activation Code for VE to use this integration.

When you have been issued with an activation code for VE (for an iSCAN commercial or free trial subscription) then you can activate it via the Virtual Environment (VE) Help >> Request Licence Keys menu.

Download and launch VE (it will run with or without active keys if this is the first time running the software).

In the main application click Help menu >> Request Licence keys.
Fill in the request form with your full details and paste in the activation code you have.
Choose the Action that is appropriate for your licence (activate free trial or activate software/refresh)
Click Send Request

When you do this the activation code will be checked on our system to ensure it is valid then the licence details are sent back to VE so it can generate the key for you. It will confirm the request is approved and then update the keys to include the tools required to link your VE project to iSCAN.