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iVN customers can download the latest version of the software.

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VE Download

Want to run energy simulations? Then you also need a VE installation. Download it here. 

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Licence Keys and Configuration 

Quick step by step instructions on how to request licence keys for both iVN and the VE and how to configure your setup. 

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iVN System Requirements
  • Windows 7, 8.1 or 10. 64 bit version required
  • 4GB ram or higher (8GB or higher recommended)
  • OpenGL 3.3 graphics or higher
  • 1152 x 864 minimum screen resolution
New Features 

More on the key features implemented as part of the iVN July 2021 release.

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Custom Installations

More on script driven Custom Installations with sample scripts to download. 

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Supporting Material


Technical Introductory Video

Watch our 4 minute video which shows you around the iVN tool so you can see the technology in action. Get an understanding of the look and feel and capabilites of the tool. 


Online Help Guide

Find answers to your questions in our Online Help Guide.

Trial/Training Project

  • This includes an Electricity Network to get you started. You can test connecting other network types to this initial model.
  • There is no detailed PowerFlow electricity model included in this training model. You can test creating one within the project.
  • There is no geographical image in the background or a 3D or 2D model included in this project to keep it generic.
  • You can test importing actual geographic location information by creating a new project.

Need any help?

If you need any help installing the iVN or the VE please contact our Support team.