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If you have multiple licences of our tools, the IES My Licensing platform allows you to manage who in your organisation is assigned to use each of the product licences you own. It also gives you a single pane view of all the licences you hold, their type, expiry dates and the total number available. As well as allowing you to request more licensing directly from the platform.


If you have an existing My Licensing account you can login to the portal using the link below.

Quick Start Guide             

Get step-by-step instructions on setting-up My Licensing.

User Roles and Permissions Guide

Understand the permissions assigned to different user types.

Knowledge Base               

Find the answer to your question in our Knowledge Base.

My Licensing Product Tour

Watch this walkthrough to discover the key features of the IES My Licensing platform.

Initial Set-up

  • We are currently migrating products and users across in stages. Only iVN and iSCAN licences can be managed on the My Licensing platform at the moment.
  • For each organisation, an Admin for the My Licensing platform has been automatically set up based on information given to us during the sales process. Admins will have received an email with a link to create an account and login to the system.
  • Admins can easily change and update who the Admin is, and who is allocated product licences in the My Licensing system themselves. The My Licensing platform is designed to make it much easier for you to see what licences your organisation owns, who has access to them, and to easily make changes yourself whenever needed.

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