Where can I find further guidance on modelling in Autodesk Revit for export to IES VE? (White Paper)

Models can be exported from Autodesk Revit MEP or Architecture to IES VE using the IESVE plug-in for Revit or manually via gbXML. Whatever method is used further guidance and tips and tricks when modelling in Revit for export to IESVE can be found in the White Paper that IES specially created based on our own experiences:

Building Performance Analysis using Revit and IES


Further updated guidelines on the import process and best practise advice is found on the VE Help site https://help.iesve.com/ve2019/iesve_integration_to_revit.htm

It is recommended anyone involved in the process of bringing a model into VE from Revit should read through this guidance document to gain an understanding of the workflow and an overview of what is going on when exporting from Revit and subsequently importing to VE.