Educational Discounts

Future designers and engineers will play a big part in reducing carbon with clean technology and sustainable design. Learning how to use building performance analysis software and leaving University equipped with these skills will become essential.

We work with students and world leading academic institutions across the globe including Loughborough, UCL, University of South Australia and San Francisco State University to support teaching of performance analysis as part of sustainable architecture and engineering courses.

Giving future entrants to industry the opportunity to employ real-world analysis skills and techniques in the classroom is incredibly important. That’s why we are offering heavily discounted on-site training and on-demand learning packages using the IESVE software which gives architects and engineers the skills they need before they enter the workforce. Many companies now request experience in our software as a key employment skill.

Special Offers

Introduction to the VE 1-day Course

Our 1 day lecture style course is designed to introduce lecturers and students to the main features and functionalities of the latest version of the IESVE software using example projects and workflows that emphasise real-world, practical applications. 

This training includes a general introduction to the software and will cover key software applications. Plus, take advantage of Q&A time with our expert at the end of the session.

IES team meeting

IES staff working on projects

On-Demand Learning Discounts

With a series of training videos, the On-Demand Learning programme offers a flexible training solution which students can work through at their own pace or alongside a project. The programme consists of:

  • Intuitive training videos broken down into sections for easy digestion of information
  • Supporting training notes
  • Training models to practice with
  • Q&A to test your knowledge
  • Online forum for discussions with other IESVE users


Lunch-N-Learn Discounts 

Our Lunch-N-Learn series presents low-cost training webinars that are designed to help you to delve deeper into topics that will enhance your knowledge and application of the VE, without leaving your desk. The Lunch-N-Learns can be attended live or the recordings can be purchased on demand.

IES staff wearing headphones

IES staff working on projects


Free for Students 

Students with a valid VE licence can benefit from free access to our On-Demand Learning and Lunch-n-Learn platforms. Contact our team to claim your offer. 

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Contact our team for a tailored quotation and to find out more about how you can incorporate the VE as part of your teaching.