17th Dec 2019

Advanced Modelling & Building Tuning Technical Workshop

1 day Melbourne


This Technical Workshop led by Mark Gifford, Technical Services Manager at IES, will explore a number of developing industry themes from Building Tuning and Data Analytics, to Calibrated Energy Modelling and Measurement & Verification (M&V). 

The workshop is designed for experienced IESVE users who want to extend their knowledge of the IES software suite and increase their modelling skills whilst developing knowledge and methodologies in new areas of analysis. 

The session will also provide a technical preview of the new iSCAN data analytics software and enhanced IESVE workflow integrations specific to Building Tuning applications will be explored.

What will be covered?

  • Timeseries database basics
  • Load CSV data files to database for analysis (Vista simulation + BMS data logs)
  • Integration of Data Analytics with IESVE
  • Data Visualisation and chart types
  • Tools and Methods to support Building Tuning applications
  • Enhanced ApPro Profiles & Schedules
  • Calibrated Energy Modelling
  • Measurement & Verification
  • Synchronisation of VE ApacheSim year to real calendar years
  • Development of data analysis rules for batch analysis across large datasets
  • Generation of custom weather files (heat island effect etc.)


$500 AUD per person

Spaces for this event are limited, and are expected to be in high demand - sign up now to secure your place.

What you need

You will be required to bring your own laptop to the technical workshop with the latest version of the VE (and relevant licences) already installed. If you require, we can provide you with temporary training licences in advance of the workshop. Full details will be sent to you on receipt of your booking. If you have any questions please email training@iesve.com.

How to book

To book your space add the event to your cart and purchase or email training@iesve.com.

Event Summary

Start Date/Time
17th Dec 2019 @ 9:30 AEDT

1 day



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