Graduate Training

IES is delighted to offer training to companies that have employed recent graduates who use the IESVE software. 

Join organisations like Arup and WSP and have one of our expert trainers come to your office to provide training, offering your graduates exclusive guidance and support in learning to use the software. We are committed to developing the skills and experience of your graduate entrants to the highest levels. 



3-Day Graduate Training Course 

This exclusive 3 day course covers key software applications and includes invaluable practical sessions designed to help graduates become competent much faster in working productively on live projects using the IESVE. Pricing is determined by the number of graduates you wish to attend. For a detailed quotation and to book your course please contact our Training team. 

IES staff team meeting

IES staff working in a team


Bespoke Graduate Training Course

If preferred, we can create a bespoke course to meet your needs and come to your office annually to provide tailored training designed to build new skills and develop the capabilities of your graduates. Simply tell us which IESVE applications you wish to cover and we will put together an effective training plan to maximise the benefits of the session.

What our Customers Say

We have taken up IES Graduate Training for a number of years now. Our graduates find the training workshops tremendously useful, the trainer is excellent and engaging and the course structure and practical sessions really helped our graduates learn to operate the software effectively. We highly recommend IES Training solutions.

Hans Chao
Energy Engineer, ARUP

IES provided an excellent training programme and of a very high pedagogical standard. Our engineers learned a lot, and it made our young engineers think critically about various design aspects. The instructor was extremely bright, well informed and combined theory and examples from various advanced buildings. Thank you very much.

Jayesh Patel
Energy & Sustainability Engineer, Couch Perry Wilkes

IES’s Graduate training programme was ideal for introducing our young engineers to the IESVE software. It greatly helped to develop their skills and enable them to use it in their work at a competent level, after only a few days. The greatest benefit of hosting it in-house was that it provided flexibility in the training programme and the opportunity to learn as a group.

Siobhan McVie
Principal Engineer, WSP

Contact Us

For further information and to book your Graduate Training course please contact our team.