Our popular IES Faculty events provide an open forum in which building design professionals can come together to discuss and debate recent developments and current challenges faced by the industry. These interactive public sessions, led with presentations from key industry experts, provide the perfect setting to collaborate and exchange ideas with your fellow peers, whilst also learning how the IESVE can help you tackle current design issues.

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Previous Faculty EVENTS

If you missed any of our previous Faculty events, or if you are simply looking to recap on the content of an earlier session, you can watch the highlights from all of our latest events here.

Digital Design & Operation

Data exchange with your building simulation platform is key to not only realising the potential of your buildings design, but also of its operational performance. By carrying out the same in depth analysis at operational stage as we do at design stage, we can revolutionise building performance by much more accurately predicting how our buildings will perform in real-life operation. This is not a futuristic concept. With IES’ new tools, it is now possible. This IES Faculty webinar looks at how your buildings can benefit from analysis throughout the whole building lifecycle.

Simulation Key for BREEAM 2018

This IES Faculty Webinar looks at what IES can do to support BREEAM 2018 and how you can achieve over 50 credits. It also includes a detailed overview of One Click LCA and how you can use IES TaP to manage your BREEAM 2018 projects.

Digitisation of Construction & the role of IESVE

Niall Gibson provides an introduction and overview of Digitisation of Construction (BIM) in 2017 and looks at the importance of analysis and performance from Design through to Operation. He also presents the findings of our BIM survey. 

Integration of IES with Revit

Jean Carriere demonstrates advanced integration of IESVE with Revit, showcasing all the import features and running through the necessary steps to build up to an energy simulation. He also covers the exchange of information parameters between the VE and Revit using import/export tools for exchanging loads data.

New IESVE Interoperability Navigator

Douglas Bell showcases the capabilities of the new IESVE Interoperability Navigator, now available in VE 2017. This Navigator will guide you through successful import of BIM models into the VE, allowing for the execution of essential energy and performance simulations throughout the design process.

Health & wellbeing in the built environment

Ann Marie Aguilar of the International WELL Building Institute discusses the importance of health and wellbeing considerations in the built environment as part of our WELL Faculty event, which took place as part of World Green Building Week 2016.

WELL and MEP Implications

Watch the highlights of Julie Godefroy's (International WELL Building Institute) presentation on WELL and MEP implications from our WELL Faculty event, which took place as part of World Green Building Week 2016.

WELL Inspired Design & The Role of Simulation

Lindsey Malcolm of XCO2 discusses the role of simulation in relation to the WELL Building Standard as part of our WELL Faculty event, which took place as part of World Green Building Week 2016. 

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