IES Guest Lectures

Instructor-led IESVE guest lectures are available for academic institutions that use our software in their teaching. These can be tailored to your department and course, and delivered either in-person or online. The lectures are aimed at improving students’ proficiency in the IESVE on graduating, and will also benefit academic staff who need a refresher in the capabilities of the software.

What can be covered?

During the lecture, our expert trainers will cover the key aspects of our core IES Virtual Environment tools, such as:

  • ModelIT (Building Geometry Creation)
  • SunCast (Solar Shading Analysis)
  • MacroFlo (Natural Ventilation Analysis)
  • ApacheSim (Dynamic Thermal Simulation for Energy Modelling and Overheating/Comfort Analysis)
  • CIBSE Loads (Peak Heating and Cooling Loads)
  • RadianceIES (Daylight Simulation)
IESVE ModelIT image | © IES Ltd

Make an Enquiry

To find out more and to arrange a guest lecture, please contact our Training Team.