Customized Training

Cost-effective, convenient solutions designed to meet your specific training needs

Our customized training service allows us to design a learning path that works for you and your organization, helping you maximize the benefits of our full product range. The format and content of your customized course can be nuanced to address your particular training needs and adapted to cover specific topics, products, workflows or projects.

What can be covered?

Our customized programmes could cover just about anything from:

  • Digital Twin Calibration
  • Complex Building Geometry
  • How to Decarbonise your Campus
  • LEED PRM Energy Modelling
  • HVAC Systems
  • How to Design a Positive Energy Block (PEB).

Just let us know what you hope to achieve and let our team take care of the rest.

IES staff working on projects

How does customized training work?

  • You brief us on your requirements.
  • We will then match your requirements with one or more of our expert trainers and cost and plan how we can help to achieve your training goals. 
  • We will send you a proposal of suitable training options for your approval. 

Please Note: Courses can range in length from a one-day intensive course to a comprehensive progam of sessions. Training can be delivered online, structured and timetabled to suit your requirements and minimize downtime. 

IES team meeting

Make an Inquiry

If you are interested in customized training, please get in touch. Our team will contact you shortly.