Overheating Training

In collaboration with Elmhurst

This course, hosted in association with Elmhurst, will show how the IES Virtual Environment can be used to perform overheating risk analyses for a variety of current guidelines and methodologies.


What will be covered?

Topics will include:

  • The causes of overheating
  • An overview of current guidelines and methodologies related to overheating; CIBSE TM52, CIBSE TM59, Part O, CIBSE TM49, CIBSE Guide A, BB101, BREEAM Hea04, HTM 03-01, The London Plan
  • Using the IES Virtual Environment to assess the risk of overheating for:
    • CIBSE TM52
    • CIBSE TM59
    • Part O
    • BB101 2018 for schools
    • BREEAM 2018 Hea04 Thermal Comfort
    • HTM 03-01 for healthcare premises
    • The London Plan - Cooling and Overheating

Course Details

Date:  2nd February 2024

Duration: 5 hours + break

Target Audience: New users & users looking to refresh skills. 

Cost: £250 + VAT for Overheating training only; £600 + VAT for Overheating + Dynamic Simulation training

Online training is delivered in a lecture style, so you do not need to use the IESVE during the session.

This live Overheating course is required before undertaking the Elmhurst Overheating Competency assessment

Pre-requisite IES On-Demand Dynamic Simulation Training

You must be competent in using the following IES Virtual Environment tools: ModelIT, SunCast, ApacheSim and MacroFlo. This competency could either be via previous IES training (face-to-face, live online or on-demand), or relevant experience using the IES Virtual Environment modelling and thermal simulation tools. 

If you do not have this experience you will need to complete the pre-requisite On-Demand IES Dynamic Simulation training.

Pre-requisite IES On-Demand Dynamic Simulation Training

You will receive 1 year’s access to IES’s On-Demand Learning material which must be completed before attending the one-day online Overheating course. On the day of the Overheating course you must have completed the IES On-Demand training. Once you have received access to this training material we are unable to refund the On-Demand training fee of £350.  

Pre-requisite IES On-Demand Learning content:

  • ModelIT: Building geometry creation and editing tool
  • SunCast: Solar shading analysis
  • ApacheSim: Dynamic thermal simulation tool
  • MacroFlo: Natural ventilation tool

How to Book

These courses must be booked directly via the Elmhurst website. Please click the links below to book the course of your choice. If you have any questions please email enquiries@elmhurstenergy.co.uk