Project Based Training 

Are you an experienced IESVE software user, with prior training, looking to develop your skills? Does your project incorporate challenging design features that you need help with? 

Our project-based training can help you to maximise the benefits of our technology and grow your understanding beyond initial competency, to a more advanced level. During your chosen project, our specialist consultants will mentor you either individually or in small groups on how to tackle the more complex and challenging issues.

Each session is tailored to suit your individual or project needs. You will be asked to send us a list of specific questions or points that you would like to cover in advance of each training session, allowing us to cost and plan the day effectively.

Why Choose Project Based Training?

Maximise ROI

Maximise return on investment in the IESVE software and meet your learning objectives via tailor-made training for your project.

Ensure Accuracy

With Project Based Mentoring and QA checking by our experts, you have the reassurance of following the correct technical approach on your model and removing the risk of simulating with inaccurate data.

Differentiate Your Offering

Differentiate your offering in the market with advanced capabilities in generating results.

Develop Your Skills

Our approach will develop your skills and awareness of model inputs, saving time in producing the desired software outputs e.g. HVAC systems, complex building geometry, LEED PRM Energy Modelling and more.

Contact Us

For further information and to book your project based training course please contact our team.