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IES Virtual Environment (IESVE)

Leading integrated suite for accurate whole building performance simulation.

IESVE is a fast, accurate, sub-hourly, thermal simulation suite that can model new and existing buildings of any size and complexity. For architects, engineers and contractors, the platform allows cross-team collaboration from concept design to operation. 


3D Sustainable Urban Design and Early Stage Masterplanning Tool

Going beyond just zoning and massing, integrate analysis across a wide range of sustainable metrics. iCD undertakes energy analysis using the proven VE simulation engine, so you can be assured of robust and reliable results.


A Single Platform to Optimise the Operational Performance of Buildings

iSCAN allows you to centralise any time-series data from different BMS systems, utility meters, sensors and portable data loggers in one platform. Organise and analyse this data to gain hidden insights to improve building or portfolio operation.


Integrated Energy Network Design & Analysis Tool

The iVN is a network modelling tool designed to perform "as-is" and future scenario simulations of a community's distribution networks. Model, integrate and optimise their design and management across electricity, heating, cooling and waste heat.


Intelligent Community Information Model

iCIM is a community resource monitoring and management platform that improves sustainability performance.

NY shadow model


Intelligent Portfolio Information Model (iPIM)

iPIM is a building portfolio and asset management tool for the visualisation of key performance indicators and data.


Green Building Ratings Online

IES TaP is a secure, cost effective and easy to use online project management system to streamline, manage and automate the certification process for BREEAM, LEED®, Code for Sustainable Homes and EcoHomes assessments.

IES Tap website

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