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Digital Twins for Net-Zero Universities

According to the IPCC, the global building stock needs 80% to 90% lower emissions in 2050 to achieve a pathway consistent with a 1.5°C target. The digitalization of buildings enables optimisation based on both the needs and comfort of users and what delivers the highest environmental impact. Our ICL Technology helps universities to plan, implement and manage current and future operational performance. Reducing carbon emissions, energy costs, and hitting sustainability commitments.

Drive Down Energy Costs

Decarbonise your Estate

Local Energy Strategies

ESG Reputation Management

Safe, Well-Ventilated Spaces

Living Lab Collaboration

Create an Inspirational Living Lab

Position your university as a beacon for sustainability. Create a real world, collaborative and inclusive ‘Living Lab’ where applied teaching and research, zero-carbon campus management and local community engagement, come together within one platform.

Future of the University Estate – Impact of COVID-19 and Net-Zero Targets

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Digital Twin Technology in Action

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