VE User of the Year Award

2020 Entries Now Closed

About the Award

IES is pleased to announce the launch of our brand new competition: VE User of the Year. This competition seeks to find the most innovative use of the VE on a project, either commercial or academic.

Do you have a suitable project in mind? Read on to find out more and submit your project by 18th December to be in with a chance of $1000 and be crowned 'VE User of the Year'.

Project Requirements

If you answer yes to any of the below questions, then this is the competition for you.

  • Did you create a unique HVAC approach to model your projects?
  • Did you make use of automation through Python Scripting?
  • Did you create run-time scripts to evaluate performance using Scripted Profiles?
  • Are you using advanced visualisation techniques, are you using BIM interoperability in new and novel ways?
  • Are you linking to external data-sources to calibrate models? 
  • Is there something innovative on your project that you modelled for the first time? 
  • Are you performing innovative parametric or optimisation studies?
  • Are you using the VE in ways we haven’t thought of?
  • Did you use IESVE on a project for multiple types of performance analysis? For example: Solar/Energy/Compliance/CFD/Daylight/Glare/Egress/etc.
  • Did you use IESVE on a portfolio of projects in a unique way and/or for a group of building designs in a unique way? 

Submit Your Award

Entry Guidelines

Submit a description (300-600 words) of an IESVE project(s) that you’ve been working on in a word document, along with 2-5 model images and analysis visualizations. Include an explanation of why it’s innovative by 18th December 2020.

Both commercial and academic submissions are welcome.

The Prizes

A prize of USD 1000 (or local currency equivalent) will be awarded to the winning project. 

The winning entry will be announced on DiscoverIES and a case study will be created and promoted to the Building Simulation Industry. 

Got a Question?

Our team will be happy to answer any of your questions regarding the award today.