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New Features & Enhancements

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What's new?

With ease of use and faster simulation times at the heart of this release, VE 2018 brings greater capability and increased functionality that’s both in line with industry developments and in response to customer feedback. Take a tour of all the latest features below.

TM59 Design Methodology for the assessment of overheating risk in homes

IES have included the TM59 design profiles in our Profiles Database Manager. Users can create a new project using a pre-supplied project template which contains all the necessary profiles in compliance with TM59.

Improved BIM Import Functionality

Steps to import modelling data into the VE have been simplified and enhanced in response to industry needs and customer feedback. Users can now also export modelling data.

  • 4 step import process
  • New & smarter model 'healing' options improve the import
  • More flexible import options allow users to choose what comes into the software
  • New export options make file storage simpler

VE Start-up Interface

The new VE start-up interface offers a quick start approach and quicker access to IES content.

  • IES news, resources and updates are displayed on the interface, tailored to users individual interests and needs
  • Search functionality throughout for ease of finding specific information
  • Pinned climate data - one click set up can be saved and re-used

UK Compliance Criterion 3 Visualisation

Automatic visualisation of compliance for Criterion 3 saves time with quick, visual, automatic feedback.

  • Passing or failing rooms are automatically sorted and colour coded
  • Easy interrogation of Criterion 3

Daylighting Visualisation

All RadianceIES results data that can be shown on a working plane within the ModelViewer.

  • Enhanced visualisation of daylighting
  • Daylighting results shown in model context

Faster Simulation Speed

ApacheSim is now up to 85% faster using the new parallel simulation mode.

  • Simulations can be divided by
    • Number of cores (automatic)
    • Number of months (user choice)
  • Partial results sets can be viewed in VistaPro

Note: This feature is keyed separately. Please contact

Enhanced VRF Modelling

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system modelling compatible, integrated, and consistent with detailed HVAC modelling in ApacheHVAC.

  • Air-source VRF and water-source VRF capabilities
  • Fully integrated with detailed HVAC modelling:
    • Schedules, ventilation requirements, etc.
    • Dedicated OA system, controls, configurations
    • Heat transfer loop with pre-heating, boilers, cooling towers, etc. for water-source VRF
    • Autosizing
    • Detailed results

Enhanced DHW Modelling

New explicit modeling of Domestic Hot Water (DHW) within ApacheHVAC when using the ApacheHVAC Methodology.

  • DHW Zones support improved user workflow and added flexibility
  • Zones provide a streamlined option for setting DHW demand at the DHW Zone level rather than at the room level

New Online Resources

  • Content Store for Scripts, reports, formula profiles, weather files, templates, HVAC systems, spreadsheets, etc. This video highlights a number of the VE Python Scripts available in the IES Content Store.
  • Searchable website for Help (no PDFs)
  • User-group website for beta-testing & enhancement requests

VistaPro Enhancements

The various enhancements for VistaPro improve overall efficiency when reviewing and anaylsing results. Most enhancements are based on direct requests from VE users.

  • ApPro Button for VistaPro without having to leave VistaPro
  • Refresh the aps files as results are processed by the parallel simulation manager
  • Range test by month
  • Results by Floor Area/Volume for appropriate variables
  • Fixed colour scaling to identify rooms selected and variable
  • Waterside Network - by clicking any waterside item a direct switch is made to display the waterside network

RadianceIES Enhancements

To enhance the workflow we have improved the RadianceIES interface and added new output options.

  • An application toolbar has been added to give quick access to common functions of RadianceIES
  • Auto daylight sensor placement
    • Place sensors more easily over multiple zones
    • More choice over sensor placement
    • Faster sensor placement, improved sensor editing
  • All Dynamic Results processing types are now on a single dialog

ModelIT Enhancements

The ModelIT enhancements will improve workflow and productivity for users.

New right click menu - model manipulation is now simpler and quicker

Additional Enhancements

Other VE 2018 updates include:

  • High Concentration Photovoltavics
  • New Shading Control enhancements
    • Can now control realistic positioning of blinds
  • Scripted Profiles
    • Greatly expanded potential for control
    • Python scripting functionality for Profiles
  • ApacheFormat Painter
    • Easy copy & paste of room data

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