IESVE 2019

IESVE 2019 offers a common theme of reduced simulation times, new metrics and new ‘easy-to-use’ workflows.

VE 2019 Feature Pack 3 Updates

New Feature: Battery Storage

  • Estimate effective electrical energy storage strategies to
    • maximise use of renewable energy to reduce Carbon impact 
    • reduce electricity cost
  • 3 battery control approaches
    • Simple
    • Time of Use (TOU)
    • Advanced Demand Response 

New Feature: Free Form Profiles

  • Bring external data into the VE to set, define or control variable using profiles 
    • Easily import to the VE via CSV file. 
    • Choose time steps, units and select between modulated/absolute formats.

New Feature: Loads results → Excel

  • Export all data needed for any sizing calculations outside of the VE
    • Available for both ASHRAE and CIBSE room loads
    • Single easy to interrogate format
    • Output formatted into Heating / Cooling and Ventilation loads

HVAC Updates

  • Hot water boiler performance based on return water temperature
    • New part load ratio curve set for hot water boiler 
    • Return/entering water temperature as its set point

New Feature: OPENEI Tariffs

  • Establish up to date energy costs through the VE’s link to the OPENEI Utility Tariff database
    • 3500 US utility companies data available 
    • 52,000 tariffs updated annually
  • Tariffs are searchable / filterable / editable

Additional Updates

  • PV panel defaults now match current solar panel industry standards
    • Intelligent default PV types 
    • Aligned with current PV panel manufacturer performance and efficiencies
  • RadianceIES dynamic quality settings optimized for UDI speed / quality and results
  • UK Building Regulations:
    • 64 bit SBEM 
    • Scottish Section 6: Sterling accredited users accepted for EPC lodgement
    • Part L2:
      • EPC Generation Updates

IESVE Feature Pack 2 Updates

ModelIT & BIM Updates

  • BIM→BEM conversion - map gbXML to any IES Template, save & re-use
  • New BIM toolbar containing tools to fix problematic BIM imports – putting the ability to ‘repair’ BIM models in the VE
  • ModelIT Copy and Paste: copies model opening geometry and data from space to space

RadianceIES Updates

  • 15k lux CIE Sky added to sky types
  • Perez compliant sky option added for LM83 compliance
  • Daylighting autonomy speed improvement – up to 6 x faster

HVAC Updates

  • Multiple cooling towers / fluid coolers
    • Operate one tower per chiller (interlocked) or operate all towers whenever there is loop flow
    • New condenser water loop control options including various reset strategies and fan flow fraction
  • Alternative methods introduced for fan and pump modelling
    • Fans – the ability to specify brake horsepower 
    • Pumps – the ability to specify pump head, design flow, impeller, and motor efficiency

Additional Enhancements

  • International Glazing and Shading Database (IGSDB)
    • Link to Lawrence Berkley National Lab’s glazing database
    • Filter IGSDB dataset using material properties
  • Link ensures that the glazing database is always up to date
  • Macro Flo custom exposure coefficients
  • Loads report enhancements for DHW and non-loop plant equipment

IESVE Feature Pack 1 Updates

Loads & HVAC System Sizing Updates

  • HVAC System Design Wizard includes CIBSE based loads calculations
  • Library of full auto sizable NCM systems
  • UK specific automated loads reporting

Solar Tracking Performance Improvements 

  • Significant speed enhancements to solar tracking algorithms, now making this comparable to traditional simulations

Additional enhancements

  • Performance – undo/redo
  • Error reporting improvements in Apache
  • Florida baseline system selection updates

IESVE 2019 Features

Compliance Solution for Part L Ireland 2017

VE Compliance regulation mode for Part L Ireland 2017 building regulation using NEAP (SBEM) method for generation of BRIRL and BER is now available.

Part L 2017 Ireland Features
  • Easily apply Irish specific building and system data to your VE model. 
  • Use the Building Tabular Data Editor to easily and quickly make changes to your data as required
  • Calculate the Renewable Energy Ratio
  • Generate BRIRL Compliance and BER Result, showing NZEB Compliance and BER simulation results as well as buttons to access reports
  • NCM Activities are updated in line with the Part L Ireland 2017 regulations including addition of 4 Building types 
    > Post-primary education
    > Primary education
    > Residential Post-primary school
    > Residential Primary school
  • Bivalent DHW interface is provided on NCM System Wizard

Note this feature was made available in VE 2018 Feature Pack 2. 

New Schematic Geometry Wizard

The new schematic geometry wizard offers a quick start and simplified approach to geometry and model creation.

Enter building orientation & footprint (building type, shape, storeys etc.) and an entire model is prepared for you in one click.

Solar Algorithm Enhancement

SunCast and ApacheSim have been enhanced to enable solar tracking through non-connected zones and translucent shades.

  • Translucent surfaces, such as glass brise soleil, can now be modelled
  • Algorithm can track the path of the sun through non-connected zones – previously only possible through connected zones
  • Meshes or lattice shading devices can now be modelled with a single transparent surface, drastically reducing computation and modelling times

HVAC Systems Wizard

HVAC Systems can now be streamlined in 5 easy steps or less!

  • Simple and intuitive UI for system creation, assignment and calculations
  • Zoning, airside and waterside can be selected from list
  • Full HVAC systems including proposed and baseline models plus ASHRAE loads  calculations, sizing and reports created within minutes

Note: CIBSE Loads calculations to follow

RadianceIES Enhancements

Daylighting simulation times reduced.

  • RadianceIES simulations can now be carried out quicker via Accelerad – up to 20 times quicker!
    • Accelerad uses the power of the GPU to provide faster static and dynamic simulations.
    • The more powerful the GPU the faster your simulation will be.
    • Email to get access to this feature.
  • Sky resolution enhancements can speed up your simulation by 25%!
  • Daylight Glare Probability Metric – developed in line with customer feedback

Additional Enhancements

  • RadianceIES now integrated with construction database
    • Streamlines data within thermal construction database, simplifying and speeding up process and preventing errors
  • BIM import functionality in the VE Start Page
  • Improvements to OneClick LCA Navigator
  • LG VRF Curves now integrated and available within ApacheHVAC
    • Air source and water source LG curves
  • Single page simulation output report launched on VistaPro in just one click

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