IESVE 2019

IESVE 2019 offers a common theme of reduced simulation times, new metrics and new ‘easy-to-use’ workflows.

What's New? 

Take a tour of all the latest features below.

New Schematic Geometry Wizard

The new schematic geometry wizard offers a quick simplified approach to geometry and model creation.

  • Select a building footprint shape and enter building dimensions, glazing percentage by orientation and number of floors to create a quick schematic design model. 
  • Useful for early-phase analysis E.g. plant equipment sizing estimates, energy/carbon estimates.
  • Compliance with ASHRAE Standard 209 and LEED Integrative Process.

New Glazing Database

Easy import of pre-configured glazing assemblies.

  • Target ranges of U-value and SHGC.
  • Manufacturer-specific library of popular glazing assemblies E.g. Vitro/Solarban, Guardian/Sunguard, Viracon/VE, etc. 
  • Includes manufacturer examples of dynamic shades and translucent shades (new solar algorithm).  
  • Library includes compliance glazing assemblies for ASHRAE 90.1, IECC and Title 24.

Daylighting Enhancements

  • New Glare Metric:  Daylight Glare Probability
    • Click here for more details. 
  • RadianceIES material properties integrated within Apache interface for loads and energy modeling. 
  • Faster Daylight Simulations:
    • Sky resolution options to improve simulation speed for all climate-based daylight simulations.
    • Use your GPU for faster daylight & glare simulations via integration with Accelerad. Email to get access to this feature.

HVAC System Design Wizard

New wizard-based approach for HVAC System(s) design.

  • Automatically creates multiple detailed ApacheHVAC systems, assigns zones and plant-based equipment. 
  • Global editing of waterside plant/equipment for multiple AHUs.
  • Automated sequencing of actions, including room loads, system sizing, energy simulation and report generation. 
  • Can be launched in ‘Compliance-mode’ which automatically creates the HVAC-systems for ASHRAE/IECC/NECB baseline models.
  • Creates HVAC equipment schedule.

Energy Model Output Report

A single-page energy simulation output report can be launched from VistaPro, which includes an overview of building energy model performance.

  • Annual site energy, source energy and CO2 emissions breakdown.
  • Performance graphics include:
    • Site energy dashboard by month.
    • Energy Use Intensity (EUI) breakdown.
    • Sankey diagram of fuels-to-energy end-uses.
  • Breakdown of fuel cost, along with peak demands, date & time.
  • Design-guidance graphics for a ‘top 3’ contributors of peak energy sources, and onsite power generation contribution.



Florida Energy Code Compliance

As part of IES’ ongoing commitment to providing energy code-compliance solutions in North America, IESVE Software is now certified by the Florida Building Commission for the 2017 Florida Energy Code.

  • Certified by the Florida Building Commission. 
  • Compliance achieved through the ASHRAE 90.1-2013 ECB Navigator.
  • Florida-specific budget building is automatically created, per FBC requirements. 
  • Florida specific compliance reports are generated.
  • IES training courses certified for continued education (CEU/PDH’s) by Florida Board of Professional Engineers.

AIA DDx API Connection

A new AIA 2030 Challenge Navigator to upload detailed energy model data & results to the AIA 2030 DDx site. 

Engineers & energy modelers have options to upload detailed energy model data & results to the AIA 2030 DDx site, with the same functionality integrated into various ASHRAE & IECC Navigators. 

Additional Enhancements

A new AIA 2030 Challenge Navigator to upload detailed energy model data & results to the AIA 2030 DDx site. 

  • LG VRF Curves now integrated and available within ApacheHVAC. 
    •  Air source and water source LG curves.
  • BIM import functionality in the VE Start Page.
  • Solar algorithm enhancement to accurately calculate solar gains through non-connected spaces.  
  • New OneClick LCA Navigator.

New Features On-Demand Training 

This 2-hour new features training session covers the latest features and enhancements from IESVE 2019 and some features you may have missed from previous releases.

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