IESVE 2022

IESVE 2022 offers more flexibility to users and increased functionality in line with industry developments.

IESVE 2022

With more flexibility to users and updates for local compliance methodologies and continued decarbonization/electrification at the heart of this release, IESVE 2022 brings greater capability and increased functionality that’s in line with industry developments. Take a tour of all the latest features below.

IESVE 2022, a 64-bit version

Location: All

A ground up enhancement to the Virtual Environment, the 64 bit version of the Virtual Environment greatly improves the user experience when modelling particularly for when models get larger or more detailed.

64 bit gives the Virtual Environment access to larger addressable memory space, allowing for detailed outputs to be processed in the VistaPro Application, even when there are thousands of zones present in the model building. Greater support for high resolution results viewing for the largest of models within both VistaPro and detailed Solar visualization in SunCast.

IESVE 2022, a 64-bit version

Location: MicroFlo

Significant improvements will be most noticeable within the MicroFlo CFD application. The larger addressable memory space means that MicroFlo Grids (or mesh) can be substantially larger allowing either more detail to be investigated or, in the case of external wind studies, greater numbers of surrounding buildings or larger urban environments. In our tests:

  • Grids are approx. 10x larger than before
  • For an average laptop computer this could see an Increase of 3 million cells to 30 million cells 
  • Successful testing of a 3MW data centre.

Energy Code Compliance: New ASHRAE Standard 90.1 2019 Appendix G PRM Navigator

Location: Navigators-Compliance

Bringing the Virtual Environment fully up to date, the ASHRAE 90.1 Appendix G PRM Navigator is updated to version 90.1 2019. Enhancements for the latest version include:

  • New prototype data (Templates)
  • Proposed building changes:
    • Fully integrated transformer calculations
      • No longer uses Custom Variable in VistaPro
    • Infiltration and lighting calculation updates
    • Updated fan power calculations
    • Users also have the ability to apply custom Building Performance Factors (BPFs)
    • Custom reportage could be created for any State Energy Code.

Energy Code Compliance: New ASHRAE Standard 90.1 2019 Appendix G PRM Navigator

Location: Navigators-Compliance

New 90.1 compliance energy summary reportage in line with new ASHRAE specific reporting requirements.

  • Model export:
    • 90.1 section 11 
    • Appendix G compliance form
  • Export 90.1 results to pre-formatted Excel sheet, e.g. for the compliance form
  • Summary of model data: 
    • For Proposed and Baseline building
    • Energy by end use
    • Cost by end use
    • Energy and cost saving calculated

Water-Energy Nexus

Location: VistaPro

To provide a fuller picture of both energy and water usage when simulating detailed HVAC Components in ApacheHVAC, new functionality has been added to VistaPro to calculate annual water consumption for equipment that use water (e.g. evaporative cooling). Six new water consumption variables have been added.

  • Airside Makeup Water
    • Spray Chamber
    • Steam Humidifier
  • Airside Condensate Water
    • Cooling coils
  • Waterside
    • Cooling tower makeup water accounting for the following losses
      • Evaporation loss
      • Drift loss
      • Blowdown loss
    • Accounts for varying ‘Cycles of Concentration’

Electrification – HVAC & VRF (New Partner: Mitsubishi)

Location: ApacheHVAC

We are pleased to announce a new manufacturer integration partnership with Mitsubishi. In IESVE 2022 we are now including VRF performance data from Mitsubishi within ApacheHVAC’s VRF Performance Curve Set. The integration brings in a range of Mitsubishi Electric’s Air Source VRF R410a units, which are both high-efficiency Heat Pumps and incorporate heat recovery.

Electrification – Lighting (New Partner: ROBUS)

Location: LightPro, FlucsPro & RadianceIES

A New Lighting Fixtures Database from ROBUS includes 736 Lighting Fixtures, from 12 unique Categories and 100% LED Technology.

  • Available to import database types in LightPro, include categories from Commercial, Industrial, Downlights, Emergency, Circadian, Outdoor, etc.
    • For luminance/illuminance simulation in RadianceIES
    • For LPD (Watts/m2), room illuminances and lumens/Watt calculations in FlucsPro.
  • ROBUS lighting fixtures are provided to over 3,000 stockists in over 40 countries.

Daylight Area Refinement

Location: RadianceIES

New automated Area of Interest (AOI) options to better account for useful daylight:

  • New AOI offset definitions:
    • "Rear Shrinkage" 
    • "Limit Depth" 
  • Choose either:
    • Shrinkage from all walls (old behavior)
    • Shrink from rear wall
    • Limit depth from all windows
  • Automated AOI options can be applied to multiple rooms making analysis more efficient

IESVE Python API: New Libraries & Updates

Location: VE-Scripts

The IESVE Python API has been significantly enhanced and a number of new libraries have been added:

  • Plotly -  Charting
  • Psychrochart - Psychrometric charting
  • Statsmodels - Statistical computation
  • Scikit learn - Data mining
  • Beautiful soup - HTML / XML parsing
  • Openpyxl - Editing existing Excel Spreadsheets
  • Pygmo - Genetic optimization

Find out more about our new Python Libraries, updates and examples of use by clicking below.

Check out the updates
python language

Solar Analysis Visualization Enhancement

Location: SunCast

The detailed solar analysis visualization legend can now be filtered to focus in on specific ranges of results. Enhancing the ability to analyse results, these filters help the user summarise results particularly for BRE 209 studies. 

  • Solar analysis threshold checks are now shown on the visualization legend for the Filter display options: ‘above’, ‘below’ and ‘within’
  • New option to show Solar Analysis on Room Groups 

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