IESVE 2022

Python API New Features & Updates

Tailor IESVE to your business and project needs and unlock even more functionality through the use of Python.

Python API: New Libraries

Python API has been significantly enhanced and a number of new libraries have been added. 

New Python Library: Plotly

  • Free source extensive graphing library
  • Over 40 unique chart types including:
    • Statistical
    • Financial
    • Geographic
    • Scientific
    • 3-dimensional 
  • Access to chart animations
  • Web page output with standard output tools
  • Publication quality (high resolution) output

New Python Library: Psychrochart

  • Collection of Psychrometric equations
  • Produces Psychrometric charts 
    • High quality image output (vector graphics)
  • Psychrometric charts within temperature and humidity ratio ranges, for any pressure, with:
    • Saturation line
    • Constant RH lines
    • Constant enthalpy lines
    • Constant wet-bulb temperature lines
    • Constant specific volume lines
    • Constant dry-bulb temperature lines 
    • Constant humidity ratio lines

New Python Library: Openpyxl

  • Library to read/write Excel 2010 files
    • xlsx
    • xlsm
    • xltx
    • xltm     
  • Enables editing of existing xlsx files
    • Previous API (XlsxWriter) could only create new Excel spreadsheets

Python Examples

New Python Script

RIBA 2030 Challenge Tool

  • Automates the input of data to the RIBA 2030 challenge submission form
  • New UI gathers required data inputs :
    • Your Practice 
    • Project information
    • Predicted energy use
    • Any valid simulation results file will populate the form

Python API Update

New ApacheSim API method that runs room and zone loads simulation

Completes API for ApacheHVAC focussed calculations:

  • Room / Zone Loads (new)
  • HVAC system sizing
  • ApacheSim energy simulations

Additional new Python Libraries:

  • Beautiful Soup - HTML HML parsing
  • Statsmodels – statistical calculations
  • Scikit Learn – data mining
  • Pygmo – genetic optimisation


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IES Content Store

All of our Python Scripts are available to download via the IES Content Store. 

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