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Upcoming Live Webinars

VE Web Demo for UK and EU

Date:  Tue, 10th January

Time: 1pm GMT

Introductory IESVE Demo for USA

Date:  Tue, 17th January

Time: 1pm CT

Digital Twin Technology for the Built Environment

Date: Thu, 26th January 

Time: 10am GMT

On-Demand Webinars

Heating & Cooling Loads Calculations and HVAC Equipment Sizing

Are you looking for a new Loads Calculations software?  Discover the capabilities of our world leading Loads Calculation Modeling Software. This 1-hour on-demand webinar will focus on the loads-specific use cases.

60 mins

IES Interoperability Update

The IES team showcases the latest updates on interoperability with IES technology and how through the use of new developments and better data exchange options, you can speed up the design process and facilitate true digital design and operation.

60 mins

Part L and O 2021 update – what these changes mean for designers

This webinar covers the changes to Part L 2021 and the introduction of Part O. IESVE was the first software provider to be certified, available now to use within IESVE 2022 Feature Pack 1.

60 mins

Using IESVE for CIBSE TM54 Analysis

With a special guest speaker from CIBSE, this webinar provided the key updates to CIBSE TM54 methodology and the implications for the building performance community, and an introduction how to undertake the assessment using IESVE 2022.

60 mins

RIBA 2030 Climate Challenge - rising to the performance challenge: what it means for Architects

With keynote speakers from the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), this on-demand webinar discusses the RIBA 2030 challenge, its Sustainable Outcomes Guide and the role Building Performance Evaluation has in meeting them. As well as the implications and opportunities for architects and urban designers.

100 mins

B1M Panel: Here’s the Key to Net-Zero Buildings

This session, hosted by The B1M, sees experts from IES, SSE, the Centre for Digital Built Britain, Mott MacDonald and the University of Glasgow discuss the benefits of digital twin technology for the built environment in the pursuit of net-zero.

60 mins 

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